Gmail 2-way authentication for Synology Notifications

For a while I’m using the Synology DS412+ and one of the features is the Notifications.

Easy to configure, usefull to keep your Synology healthy. But as I enabled the 2-way authentication on my Google Gmail account where these mails are send to, it stopped working.

After spendig a lot of time in trail-and-error, searching for a solution online, it is finally working.
And I’m happy to share the solution with you, because it can’t be safe enough…

So here are the steps:

Once you have the 2-step verification in place, you need to update the Notifications settings in your Synology.

First make sure you have generated an App Password

Update the following settings:

SMTP Port: 587 (it was 465 in my case before)
username: your full gmail address
password: the generated app password

Check Secure Connection (SSL/TLS) is required.

Click Apply and Send a test mail.