The things we can do with technology is really great, but it also brings (a lot of) dangerous possibilities. One of them is (phone) scam.
A few weeks ago I’ve found the below video, and I love it!

Gmail 2-way authentication for Synology Notifications

For a while I’m using the Synology DS412+ and one of the features is the Notifications.

Easy to configure, usefull to keep your Synology healthy. But as I enabled the 2-way authentication on my Google Gmail account where these mails are send to, it stopped working.

After spendig a lot of time in trail-and-error, searching for a solution online, it is finally working.
And I’m happy to share the solution with you, because it can’t be safe enough…

So here are the steps:

Once you have the 2-step verification in place, you need to update the Notifications settings in your Synology.

First make sure you have generated an App Password

Update the following settings:

SMTP Port: 587 (it was 465 in my case before)
username: your full gmail address
password: the generated app password

Check Secure Connection (SSL/TLS) is required.

Click Apply and Send a test mail.




Happy Holidays!

Our first Christmas and New Year with our lovely, joyful and always happy boy Thybeau!


Happy Holidays to you all!


Patience is good, right?

Today, September 11th, is the predicted birth date that we might welcome our little “prutske”.

However, it doesn’t look like it is time already…, on the contrary.

Our little miracle prefers to stay a bit longer in mommy’s belly.

We are ready for you and looking forward to the birth…to welcome your and you finally admire in real life.
Because on the ultrasound you prefer to play hide and seek by every time, with hands and/or feet in front of your face

Meanwhile I continue to work and still keep the phone close eye!

See you soon!!

Exciting times!

As all of you know, we are expecting our first baby in September. We are working hard to get all the preparations done in time!
The hardest part was designing the birth card; completely designed by our self.

Everything is going according to plan, the baby is still healthy and no complications so far.
It is sometimes a little bit surreal; not knowing how it will change our lives.

As soon the baby is born, at least after a few phone calls first, I’ll put it up here…